Wipip!!! {2008}

Wipip!!! Recording 1: Robinson Singers.
Michael Horanski, Conductor

Wipip!!! Recording 2: Bear Creek High School.
Nathan Payant, Conductor

Wipip!!! Recording 3: Stoney Creek High School Chamber Singers. Brandon Ulrich, Conductor

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( Traducción al Español abajo )

About the work: 
The title meaning “Wow,” and the theme of which translates “Life is beautiful when we love one another.”
From Santa Barbara Music Publishing: “Fast moving, and highly rhythmic, this one is a winner!”

Wow! Look at how beautiful life is!
Wow! Look how happy my heart is!
Wow! There is no Cain and Abel!

The sun shines all over the blessed earth;
Under one flag, all nations unite.
There are no gates, there are no borders;
There are no fights, there are no wars… Wow!

Wow! Look at how wonderful life is!
Wow! Notice at how my heart is so content!

There is no Cain and Abel…
We are all one family!
There is no fighting, there is no war…
We are all one family!
There are no bombs, there are no guns…
We are all one family!
We are all one, we all make one…
Look, look around! Wow!

Peace, Love, Joy; How beautiful!
We are content, we are happy; yes, How beautiful!

Flowers of all colors have taken over my garden;
Nightingales and pigeons are singing scales all day long.
Wild beasts and sheep are sleeping on the same bed;
Happiness has spread in the midst of all deserts.

For all those who love, let us call out “Hurray!”
For all people on earth, let us call out “Hurray!”
For the blessings of life, let’s cry out “Hurray!”
For music of all colors, let us shout “Hurray!”

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