Twa Tanbou {2007}

Twa Tanbou Recording: (World Premiere) University of Miami Frost Chorale. Jo-Michael Scheibe, Conductor.

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About the work:
The central theme of Twa Tanbou: In order for a team to reach the optimal result, each member must play his or her own part as a team. There is no room for self-obsessed glory; this ultimately brings down the team. True leaders are those who put their team’s collective well-being before themselves. The text of Twa Tanbou uses this philosophy, applied to three drums: the big Boula (the loudest), the smaller Tanbouren (the most beautiful sounding drum) and the little Kata drum, arguing that if everyone works together, there will be beautiful music! (see the complete Haitian Creole text and the English translation below.)

Practice Tracks and the audio Pronunciation Guide of the text are below.

Twa Tanbou
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Twa Tanbou
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Text / English Translation / Traducción al Español

Practice Tracks

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Pronunciation Guide