Te Deum {2012}

Te Deum Recording: Illinois Wesleyan University Collegiate Choir. Scott Fergusson, Conductor.

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About the work:
“Te Deum” is the follow-up to “Dominus Vobiscum” and “Ego Sum” – The final piece of the trilogy. The text is in both French and Haitian Creole. The piece premiered at the 2012 Central ACDA Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


In the midst of troubles and of great calamities,
When facing the mountains of life and all of life’s burdens,
We ask, we seek, we come to understand
That You, oh Lord, that You are the true source of Life.

In spite of our fears and despite our misfortunes,
In this great whirl of pain and of suffering,
We discover at last that You, oh Lord,
You are the Truth and You are the Light,
The Source of all life.

Te Deum laudamus. (We praise You, oh Lord)

Praise and glory to you, oh Lord,
Forever and ever.
Blessings for You, oh Lord;
Truly, You deserve it.
We praise You, oh God.

For the immense universe created by Your hand,
For the evening breeze and the morning dew,
For the infinite love that You placed in our hearts,
We praise You, oh Lord.
Te Deum laudamus.

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