Tchaka {2016}

Recording 1
Tesoro High School Madrigals
 Keith Hancock, Conductor
Western ACDA Conference (West coast premiere)
Pasadena, CA – February 25, 2016

Recording 2
World Premiere by the WVACDA All-State High School Chamber Choir
Dr. Kym Scott, Conductor
Charleston, West Virginia
January 30, 2016

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( Traducción al Español abajo )
About the work: 
Tchaka is one of the most popular meals in Haitian cuisine. It’s a “melting pot” – a tasty mélange of different food products such as corn, beans with pork, and crustaceans. Likewise, Haitian folklore consists of a huge variety of rhythms and dances that when mixed together give birth to extraordinary works. Bon appétit and happy listening!

English Translation of Haitian Creole text:

Turn up the fire! We are going to eat tchaka!
Turn up the fire, stir up the corn, don’t forget the salt pork,
We are going to eat a delicious tchaka.
We are going to cook up a mind-blowing stew.

At the sound of the three drums, everyone yells out hurray.
If we join together we can all move forward.
Let us enmesh in lovely harmony
A delicious homemade stew, a musical tchaka.

It’s a delicious homemade stew, a national tchaka,
A delicious homemade stew…
Turn up the fire! Turn up the fire!

*Yanvalou, Kontredans, Rabòday are amazing.
Roots music, oh yes, that’s good stuff.
Let’s stick together; side by side we can move forward.
Turn up the fire! Turn up the fire! The tchaka is cooking…

(See complete Text and Translation below.)

Practice Track and audio Pronunciation Guide of the text are also below.


YouTube Performance Videos

Text / English Translation / Traducción al Español

English Translation

Traducción al Español

Practice Tracks


          Click on this link to download the mp3 tracks: Tchaka – Practice Tracks

Soprano – slow tempo

Soprano – medium tempo

Alto – slow tempo

Alto – medium tempo

Tenor – slow tempo

Tenor – medium tempo

Bass – slow tempo

Bass – medium tempo

Midi Playback

Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciation Guide

Percussion Parts

  • To receive the percussion parts for “Tchaka”, send an email to: with the subject line “Tchaka – percussion parts”. Please include the name of your school/ensemble in your email. A link will be sent to you to print the parts.