Nou Se Limyè {2014}

Nou Se Limyè (recording #1)
World Premiere – Carnegie Hall – March 9, 2014
John A. Ferguson High School Falcon Singers
Ryan Ellis, conductor
Sydney Guillaume, piano
(watch the video below)

Nou Se Limyè (recording #2)
Jean-Sebastien Vallee, conductor

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About the work: 
This passionate piece takes inspiration from the Divine light we all carry within ourselves. Its strong message encourages hope, love, and the need for our light to shine! A sure audience pleaser!


English Translation of Haitian Creole text:

Children of light, do not stay in the dark;
Truth and Love are stronger than the law.
From the beginning of time the word was spoken:
Darkness and evil had invaded the earth;
Everything was functioning in reverse.
The Lord decided to put order in disorder.  

“The Lord said, let there be light: and there was light”
Light in the universe, light in the depths of our hearts.

So many good things in the beautiful flame of this light:
Awareness, development,
Understanding and compassion,
Truth and dignity,
Wisdom and justice,
Liberty and hope,
Love and happiness…

(See complete Text and Translation below.)

Practice Track and audio Pronunciation Guide of the text are also below.


YouTube Performance Video

Text / English Translation / Traducción al Español

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Pronunciation Guide