N’ap Debat (We’re Hangin’ On) {2010}

N’ap Debat Recording: 2011 MSVMA High School Men’s Honor Choir. Brandon Ulrich, Conductor.

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About the work:
This piece is dedicated to the victim of the Haiti Earthquake of January 12, 2010..This response, “We’re Hangin’ On”, very popular among Haitians of a certain age, is the expression that best represents the resilient character of the Haitian people. Whatever their situation, as miserable as it might seem, ‘old folks’, ‘old school’ Haitians always declare without hesitation that they will prevail, even if they have to struggle. The attitude of the victims of the earthquake of January 12, 2010 is the most recent proof.

Likewise, to those who are planning the future of Haiti, be well aware…



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Pronunciation Guide