Mama Afrika {2007}

Mama Afrika Recording 1: Kokopelli Choir. Bruce Cable, Conductor.

Mama Afrika Recording 2: Mt. Saint Antonio College Chamber Singers. Bruce Rogers, Conductor.

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( Traducción al Español abajo )

About the work:
‘A rhythmically strong work with a compelling text, bringing a Haitian troubadour’s heartfelt cry for ‘Mama Afrika.’ Perfect for competition and festival, it requires a large choir with divisi capacity. While requiring a fair amount of preparation for advanced high school and beyond, it is a challenge, but worth it!’

English Translation of Haitian Creole text:

Cries! The troubadour hears cries!
The troubadour from the island of Haiti is asking why…
Why all the chaos in lands of Afrika?
Why all the chaos in the island of Haiti?

Cries! We hear cries!
The young ones are yelling: oh mother!
Cries! We hear cries!
The grown ones are screaming: woh!
Cries! We hear cries!
All the young ones, all the grown ones!
We hear cries!

They are crying:
“Mother, mother, mother, mother,
Oh Mother Africa!
Mother, where are you mother, where are you?
Mother, mother, mother, mother,
Oh Mother Africa!”

Day and night
There is misery and nuisance
Day and night
There is illness and death
There is hunger and war!

(see complete Text/Translation below)

Practice Track and audio Pronunciation Guide of the text are also below.

Mama Afrika
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Mama Afrika
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