Kanpe La {2017}

“Kanpe La” recording:
Cornell University Men’s Glee Club
Robert Isaacs, conductor

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About the work:
“Kanpe La (Enough) describes the sense of despair and frustration we sometimes feel in looking out at the amount of violence within our society and the degree to which both sides continue to escalate and escalate… where is the end of that?” – R. Isaacs

Translation of Haitian Creole (and French) text:

Look! Look! Look!
Look at what’s happening!

The time has come for us to stop and observe,
For us to truly understand what is happening.
Uproar on this side, tribulations over there.
Hatred and phobia have scattered left and right.
Enough! Enough! Enough!

Look at what’s happening these days;
Listen to what’s taking place in all corners of the country:
Human beings are dying like stray dogs;
People must have forgotten what we call love.

Look at what’s happening these days;
Evilness and death are taking over;
Violence and vandalism never amount to anything.
Only love and justice can really say “enough”.
Enough, my friends. Enough. Enough…

(See complete Text and Translation below.)

Practice Track and audio Pronunciation Guide of the text are also below.

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Text / English Translation

Practice Tracks

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Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciation Guide