Gagòt {2014}

Gagòt recording:
Westminster Chorus
Justin Miller, conductor
2014 ACDA Western Division Conference

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( Traducción al Español abajo )

About the work:
“Gagòt” channels life’s frustrations into heartfelt music with a powerful and relatable message. Everyone feels overwhelmed at times, but “It’s striving and suffering that brings redemption.”

Translation of Haitian Creole (and French) text:

Since I rose this morning I’ve gone through ups and downs,
Running around in circles like a crazy mad dog.
I speak, I sing, I sleep, I rise;
I pray, I scream, it’s mess upon mess.

It’s a mess here, it’s a mess there,
A mess up, a mess down,
Mess everywhere, it’s mess upon mess.

Messy are my thoughts,
Messy are my actions,
Messy are my words,
Messy is my vision.

Everything is entangled:
Pain and joy, doubt and faith,
Disgust and hope, good and evil.
My head is spinning and spinning,
Everything is entangled.
What a mess!

Morning after morning, I fight a battle…

(See complete Text and Translation below.)

Practice Track and audio Pronunciation Guide of the text are also below.


YouTube Performance Videos

       >>> In the documentary above, “Gagòt” is featured at 3:14 <<<

Text / English Translation / Traducción al Español

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Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciation Guide