Ayiti, 3. Pèseverans {2011}

Ayiti Recording: Nathaniel Dett Chorale. Brainerd Blyden-Taylor, Conductor.

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( Traducción al Español abajo )

English Translation of Haitian Creole text:

“We ran to get out of the rain, and fell in the river”.
We fought hard, Elas! “Washing our hands and wiping them dry in the dirt”.
The enemies made plans with some of our own children,
To shove away our dignity.

Two hundred years have gone by since our Freedom.
The villains declared that it is all nonsense.
We’ve turned in circle worse than a bad spin top.
Where we are going is farther than where we come from.

Children are dying, adults are crying;
Everything is upside down, we are at a lost of words.
We are yelling “Help!” we are crying “help us!”
The country is stumbling! Haiti is struggling!

Days come and go, my friend; we will always hold firm.
Slavery came first, Freedom came second.
Today we are holding on with perseverance,
To uphold with pride our Freedom flag.
Today we Persevere!

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